I’m drawing the final battle so to speak. Thus i announce the cameo call will be the 27th september for chapter 47! These chapters are very long so this is the one chance this year to get a role in. They’ll be available during the livestream. The factions to choose from will be : Sarghress, Vloz’ress, sharen alliance. Some roles are limited in numbers, these will be higher risk but at the same time, more involved! Does that mean the current chapter end in two weeks? Not necessarily. The epilogues will take quite a few pages. But i need to do the concept arts before starting the next chapter. There used to be a buffer allowing me to deal with that kind of thing, no more, thus i need to start working early on the next chapter character. So i may understand them when it’s finally time to write them in the story. Do i know what the next chapter is about? Absolutely, for years. Do i know the lenght? Absolutely not… :D Will it bloody? Yes. Does the Sharen alliance include all nuqrah factions? Yes except those kyorls wannabes. Will there be special roles? Yes, but you talk to me about it this saturday. Rune asked to have Zala’s youngest baby as a cameo. Something i would never have thought of. Thus she created her own role.
Zhor using the power of the walking cane + 5 to stand up! By Lysandra.

Pirate Rayata crossing the jaal’darya mermaid lake for booty. Mau draw a lot of pictures, most of them nsfw on her tumblr!

Starlitdragon has completed a long in the making commission for lordpanther. Good to see you drawing Starlit.

The power of the jelly dragon was contained in plushie form by tsukiko.


29 Responses to Cane, pirate, pretty art and dragon

  1. Pariel says:

    Decisions decisions… I’ll try to reprise either Lind or Nona.

  2. Ombreh says:

    Dood Xenon and Ombr’eh up the Vlozzo! Now to figure out how much it costs…

  3. Sonor Valillhardro says:


  4. Jack Butto says:

    Dibs on my Demon Naga self, and right hand of kiel, making a cameo with the vol’z again XD

  5. partner555 says:

    Woohoo! 27 September, prepare to meet one of my history nerds!

  6. Jak'iaah says:

    Will there be Chelian Sarghress or just Ariel’s Raider party? September 25 is my birthday and I think I might wanna buy myself a present. :)

  7. Sola'lu says:

    What are the special roles available for Sharens?

  8. Hfar says:

    T’will be interesting to see what ideas people come up with for cameos. And I look forward to seeing how this chapter ends! You’ve been keeping me on the edge of my seat.