My partners both fell asleep mid-stream. Leaving me to thrive forth alone in this post-sleep wasteland!
First is the commission for Thalar of her relic hunters squad. Second is the pinkified version because yes she requested it. She even requested a 100% pink overload third version that burn eyeballs.


Fourth is the giveaway for silverrain to be used as an avatar.

fifth is the contest prize for honestkyorl who were challenged in july to finish reading the whole archive within a week.

sixth , Luna did a giveaway too , of me, for sindas. Why me sindas!? XD why not yourself.

Seventh is Darkvolt contribution to Faen’s cake madness.

I will be doing a 6 relic hunter squads for Thalar and her group. Luna will be doing the first page of her new story. And kite will be doing monday’s page. Want to chat, watch us draw or just hang out? Then drop by our multistream channel. There will be giveaways at the end of the stream.


One Response to saturday stream

  1. thalar says:

    Wohoo! Ust’Mafzal!