Come on Faen, shake it, shake it like a–
Well, anyone want a bear hug?

More progress on the kyorl world setting page. It,s getting completed tomorrow! So i can finish Lordpanther commission friday. Then saturday it’s thalar mega special.


10 Responses to shake it

  1. Laerei says:

    Hahaha, that bear reminds me of Tsutomu Nihei who has started to put at least one talking bear character into his works.

    Drowtales needs a walking (on two hind legs), talking bear too. ;D

  2. sarogo89 says:

    “It’s getting completed tomorrow!”
    I guess that one panel a day thing works. It’s goood stuff.

  3. Laurie (NerdyCanuck) says:

    Oh! Chiri is wearing her purple armour! Cool..!

  4. Moatl says:

    I found a dancing bears party. ;)