Luna fell to the renovation war. Mau fell to the sad sick kitten . Leaving kite, i and darkvolt to hold the livestream today.
Kite did her page. Fast too. I bet she’ll enjoy her free saturday evening. Darkvolt didn’t finish his page but he made progress and extra artwork. The magical dragon is worth it.
Concept for Tsukiko.

Giveaway for Athaso, yes she won twice in a row. Yes she asked hte same character again. yes she was threatened with gender bending if she win 3 times in a row with the same character.

Lineart of sexy Nega’fanae to be colored later.

Giveaway for lordpanther by darkvolt. That’s the racoon from guardian of the galaxy.

Magical girl dragon, mecha cat butt, chutulu monster.

My fat cat in the making, by Tsukiko!


Monday’s page on kite’s side, We are feral page on darkvolt side. Concept art for tsukiko for me, followed by the kyorl world setting page. And giveaway from the all of us to audience members! To watch, chat or just hangout, drop by our multistream channel.


2 Responses to saturday post

  1. Isaiah Cortez says:

    Damn It! Wish I could have been to the end. Maybe next week.