Livestream will be at 2hPM east. With Mau doing a daydream background and Luna does have a drowtales commission to do but she disapeard, likely from her continuing PC issues. If she does not reappear, kite will be the second streamer. As for me i’ve checked my commission list. I’ve two commission from july that have yet to be done: Tsukiko’s concept art and Gem76 page. The later isn’t suitable for stream but the first deffitively, plus it’s overdue! So tsukiko, yours come in priority. Second artwork will likely be about making some progress on that Kyorl world setting page, it need to be done! So i can feel free to do gem76 page. Once these are cleared out, coming next saturday we jump to an interesting special from Thalar which i beleive many people will want to see.

Now for the all mighty fat cat plush by tsukiko:
This one is for Lordpanther. I’ve commissioned one as well which i look forward to see.

And about Daydream. Space age – is – very late. Extremely late. i’ve had talks with Blackmyst and there doesn’t seem to be much of a solution. He’s going through a rough time from what i can see, rough time that even drawing boobies doesn’t seem to be helping. In daydream related news, Master oki is doing a come back which now lock the long overdue extra archive.


3 Responses to The all mighty fat cat plush

  1. LordPanther says:

    Stream Kitty shall make an excellent Pillow.