Based upon a discussion i had with luna earlier today. What if Dietra brought faen to get drunk. Cameo appearance from darkvolt, Kite and Mau.
Also i was reading Seconds and it,s quick arts style was appealing so i challenged myself to do a quick no guideline mini comic in 20 minutes.
Will drunk faen make an appearance in the next chapter?

Tumblr was suggesting the gallery of ponderingaimlessly to visit and i saw Chiri and Kalki were featured on top. Pictures i’ve seen before but underneath, tagless, descriptionless, is two character kissing that i can safely guess as to their identity.
There is a ship out there for Kiel x Kalki now.


4 Responses to Drunk bear

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    I might’ve said this before at some point, but you should try 4koma (4-panel comics meant to deliver a quick punch line)

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    I’m sure there will be drunken Die’tra x Faen scenes in the Daydream wallpapers before too long… and I am already imagining some of my own! Naughty, naughty Die’tra, you’re such a bad influence! >;=)>

    That Kiel x Kalki ship is depicted as being so sedate here… I can’t help thinking that even if the two “special” Ks were able to keep their more manic instincts in check, each of their little friend-squads would be running around behind the scenes, trying to wipe out all their opposite numbers!

    • Alric says:

      Given that Tur’geis and Die’tra are exclusive mates, there’s about as much chance of that as a epileptic rhinoceros has a chance of playing Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana on a kazoo while trying to balance on a beach ball.

      But on a related note booze-fueled adventures are always fun, Tur’geis and Die’tra have had plenty in Relic Hunters and will have plenty more, I wager…