To explain what happened yesterday, in details, as to why we had to use the emergency update. On monday Kite had not completed tuesday’s page, which is not unusual as she is a night owl. Normally it’d be done in the morning but this time we had to depart for the arcade pickup, which went very badly. Montreal’s traffic devoured us, blinding rains fell and in the end, great struggles to bring them into the house. For it was just the two of us with no mean to lift what’s aproximatively 400 pounds and 6.4 feet tall. By the time they were in the house, the clock was set to 10hPm. Note that we left at 10hAM. Bruised and battered, we we were walking tenderized meat. Cook us on BBQ and we’d be delicious. Working at that point seemed unwise enough to pull up the backup chibi page. There’s obviously a lot of details i leave out, just know it was the most challenging pickup of our lives.
And here is said pickups:
Snk vs capcom
Tekken 4.
As to why it’s so important to me. Well, I’ve a fascination with videogames. It’s my childhood, it’s my inspiration, it’s my hobby. Like for many of you arcades has disapeard completely from my community except for a few cabinets in a mall. More years pass and fewers these stranded machines are becoming. So whenever i have the chance to pass by one of the remaining places, such as Funspot in new hampshire and Chaos control in oregon , it become my priority to visit them. I’ve never had the chance to stay more than 30 minutes in each, making the stay all the more bittersweet. These are dedicated machines that plays the best version these games ever had. Also, the hardest to ever acquire. For that reason when i saw someone going out of the rent-an-arcade business on the local classified for Montreal, a city to the south of ours, it became my priority. Many games all for a reasonable price. For two weeks that was the only thing i could think of outside of work. It couldn,t be something i could push off to a sunday nor wait another opportunity. For just waiting the 3 hours between seeing the ads and making a decision, the one i wanted the most was gone ; marvel vs capcom 2. Now many months may pass before another opporunity happen again, if not a year. So you are safe from missing another page from my crazy arcade hunts. but it’s not the last time i post about these thing as friday my home made one with the livestream fat cat will be complete. Then i’m making a home made cabinet for a double dragon /bomberman (jamma switch). Neither of which will disrupt the updates any further.
I’m sorry it delayed commissions another two days but at the same time, what drive me to complete commissions is to get these things.

Before i forget, tsukiko also sent us something.
Faen the bear, sown upon a shirt! I’d be too embarassed to wear it but it is quite the prize for display. Thank you tsukiko.
And more games for the collection from her! I can’t run PAL games yet, though i’ve hope that the converter i’ve eyes upon will resolve pesky hertz problems as well.


11 Responses to Back

  1. GEM76 says:

    Tsukiko You must make a Faen for MMMEEEEEE!!!!!…Please Pretty Please with surger on top :)

  2. Laerei says:

    Tekken 4, eh? I have great memories of Tekken 3 on my Playstation. Fighting against a panda bear with a rasta guy who dances (capoeira), hahaha.

    Channel some of that childhood memories into Ariel, so she can punch Kalki down with the Iron Fist (meaning of “tekken”)!

  3. Beau Barbare says:

    OMG!! Kern I’m so jealous!! I love arcade games! I play fighting games with my boyfriend all the time and we compete in tournaments! We have all these baddass arcade sticks we have made. I was thinking about making a Drowtales Arcade stick that was black and purple with light up buttons and shaft, but I’m trying hard to pick a picture. Maybe I’ll commission one! If I get a template would you be interested in drawing one for me? ( For money of course. It would cost a pretty penny because it would be big enough for a stick and in color, but its worth it to me . ) Let me know! You have my email. I would think it was so cool. x3

    • Kern says:

      yeah sure, someone else commissioned such a arcade stick artwork late last year. Quain’tana punching Sarvswati across buttons.. never saw what happened from it afterward.
      And i’m jealous you have people to fight! XD Kite isn’t into fighting game.