Kite and i will go on a roadtrip later today to return with two arcades. We’ll be unavailable till around 6hPM but it’s my hope that this loss of a half day will not make us miss an update this week. We’ll aim to just update late in the day like last week. Worst case we still have a chibi strip from Lunareth that can be used.
and on the topic of arcade, here is the side art for the one i was building lately:

The fat playing touhou. There were 4 ideas total which you can see below.

Pacman, gradius, shovel knights were the others. Now once the cabinet get it’s side art and the new arcades arrive i’ll take a photo to share what it look like. It’s been a dream to have these.

Ah, a side note. Curently the server has some difficulties that prevent me from uploading any pages. Hopefully by the time we return from the roadtrip this will be fixed.


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