Livestream is over for today. Thanks for coming to hang out with us! We even had a visit from Picarto’s developer for inputs.
First picture is for Lordpanther. Preggnant Kalki, doing well, her usual self.
Second picture is the pixel art mascot for my arcade cabinet. Mew pew.
Third is what i think will be the header graphic for said arcade.

Fourth is the giveaway for Pitdragon.
fifth is Darkvolt giveaway for Alric.

Sixth is Kalki showing up in we are feral! because today had to be a very kalki day on all 3 streams.
And finally right before the stream Cocobeef did this wonderful rendition of the friendly nurse!

Busy busy day but we’ll multistream part of it! On Kite’s front we have monday page with Kalki treating her enemies like punching balls. On my front there is the last of august commission from the sponsor Lordpanther which is pregnant Kalki. This is a very Kalki day isn’t? Last is Darkvolt as Lunareth computer failed today, who will wrap up the mecha cat war for we are ferals. Well Darkvolt, where is your kalki?
As always , to watch , chat or just hang out. Come to our multistream channel!


8 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. AthenAltena says:

    I don’t know which is more frightening, pregnant Kalki or pregnant demon/whatever-the-hell-that-is from the last page.

  2. Mizu says:

    So, is Sasi the father via Jaal science magic? Or is she just there as a stand in because Kalki ate the father praying mantis style or he otherwise suffered some misfortune as a result of porking Snadhya’s daughter?

  3. Silverrain says:

    Thanks, Cocobeef, I was all out of nightmare fuel… >_< Good work, though.

  4. Hfar says:

    *looks at friendly nurse* Huagh! Trust Snadhya’rune to keep a demon straight out of Silent Hill as a pet.

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      Look on the bright side: maybe they’ll get Pyramid-Head in to perform Kalki’s caesarian! >:=)>

  5. Obyren says:

    So, who’s the papa?

  6. Moatl says:

    It doesn’t hurt but it tickles just before the baby will break through the abdominal wall. ;)

    Wi’am as nurse seems to be frightened, too. Well, we’re doomed… ^^°