There will be a regular stream on saturday. I know a pregnant kalki is involved for that one… In the meantime Lunareth has resolved her microphone buzzing problem.
Khora’s concept art. Stripping is a sarghress duty when serving as a courrier. And yes that’s kelnoz.

LP Kavahini
Little owl first flight by Mary for Lordpanther.


8 Responses to Xun on Kelnoz action, owl flight

  1. SFI says:

    Hehe, Kel’noz, the only commoner-male the Beldie-females would make an exception for XD

  2. LordPanther says:

    I have to say that is a really interesting looking warhammer she’s got there.

    Yay for Strigg’s first flight. Love the detail put into her feathers.

  3. Demetirus says:

    Why are the Belds and Balvs always the best looking to me? I think I have a problem. D:

    Also… ohgodthosefeathers. Those are amazing, but my wrist aches just looking at them.

  4. Tsuris says:

    oh Xun looks fantastic!

    Zan’nah should bump into her old uh… friend? I’m going with Friend. She should bump into her old friend again at some point.

    • Khora2150 / Laioken says:

      Oh yes, Xun would love to see her old roommate from the crescent again, she had such a great time there putting half breed commoners in their place, giving life lessons about the sacrifices nobility makes for the people and so on . :)

  5. Pariel says:

    At least this one is flat chested xD

  6. Synathra says:

    Kel’noz looks nervous in that second panel for some reason. If he’s forgotten *how* to strip, send him my way and I’ll give him a refresher course! >:-3