small audience for this tuesday but it was to be expected. Here is what got done!
Kyorl world setting page ink and flat color for Sarogo. Still have to shade and text it.
Kharla kitty playing a ducky by Lunareth giveaway.
Taldrin chibi by Mau for Tsukiko, a giveaway.
Athaso character giveaway.
Luna did a character costume design for guild war.
and Mau did progress on a daydream page but could not complete it during the session.
Because saturday stream encountered difficulty we’re streaming on tuesday for this week only! With our new partner, Mau, who will draw many adorable wolf, bear and mecha spider in her next comic page. Lunareth will be doing a new outfit design followed by a chibi. And i will tackle a Kyorl world setting page. If you want to watch us work, or just hang out, come to our multistream picarto channel!
Start time is more likely to be 1h20…


5 Responses to tuesday stream encore

  1. Vilx- says:

    Dammit! How could I forget you were streaming!? NOOOOO! :(

  2. Sarai says:

    Shame I couldn’t see the stream in the hotel I was in, so whats the page for? New chapter intro or commission?