Alright it’s confirmed, since saturday stream didn’t work out we’ll do it tuesday, which is today at this point. At 1hPM east as usual. With a new partner for the stream; Mau, the artist of the race story! Luna may join as costreamer if she get the chnace, else maybe kite will show up for some page coloring. I will be doing the Kyorl world setting page as it is very , very late at this point. At least ink and flat color it so that i may finish it this week. That and Khora concept art really need be done. As for Mau she will be working on the race story.

This Kalki animation was done by Deorwyn. meant to go with a certain music.

I’ve put up all of the Yuhle fight scene as one textless graphic , higher resolution too!

Nekocon convention appearance for november 2014 is confirmed. Hope to see Alric, Dalvy , Varzil and well anyone else who want to come! meetup, habashi grill, giveaway, panels, stuff. i’ll make a more proper announcement later.

And this is my new baby. Which i built on sunday. There’s no hole yet in the arcade cabinet but i’ll get to it on wednesday when i get the chance to check which monitor suit it best. The hardware is already all ready to work , the software though not so much. Hyperspin is going to get the boot. Goodbye mame, this will be a pc-arcade for touhou series and other doujin japanese stuff that’s low res. That arcade stick work out of the box with those. It’ll just need a nice frontend and of course, very important ; side arts. We’ll get Kite’s arts printed for it which maybe one of them will be done by her during a stream to come.


7 Responses to New stream partner for tuesday

  1. SFI says:

    I am looking forward to the stream :3 Just hope tuesdays won’t always happen :/

    And nice baby :3 What arts will be put on it exactly? Game-arts?

  2. Moatl says:

    So, Kalki is singing a Finnish polka. *rofl*

  3. Whizzard says:

    Oh, an “eek!” spin, eh? Hah!

    If you are making a pc-based arcade cabinet, then it can be used for practically anything that can be played with fight stick. Street Fighter IV or the new Mortal Kombats as well, for example.

  4. Demetirus says:

    Mayhaps put some Skullgirls in that there arcade cabinet?