Bigger and nippler version of this is up on daydream. commission is for Lordpanther was finished offline. It took 6 hours! Where had it been finished on stream i bet it would have been done in 4. The difference that focus make.

Today wasn’t lucky for stream. It began with heavy lag/frame skipped, ushering the age of frame apocalypse. the survivors wandered about with bleeding ears until the end came : picarto went down completely. Artists wandered about aimlessly , seeking even one soul to keep them going but there were none. And thus we all vanished.
Let’s try again tuesday shall we?
Sexy Kyorl , Concept art for Khora, monday’s main story page, next feral page and 3 giveaways to the audience. This is our attack plan for today. If you wish to watch us work, hang out or just chat, then drop by our picarto channel starting 1hPM east!


6 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    That Valladrielle – seducing the world in the name of Sharess! >:=3>

  2. waffleferret says:

    Why is she pooping out a sealing stone?