Livestream on picarto will be at 1hPM east with Kite and depending on internet condition ; Darkvolt. Luna on her side is suffering from a terrible disease known as house renovation. Those afflicted by this disease must escape with boxes full of their art material to find shelter elsewhere. Unfortunately for Luna, there’s no elsewhere. The commissions for tomorrow will be another sexy leader and a concept art. As for the Kyorl world setting page that i’m making no progress on, i’m seriously considering making another livestream during the coming week to just marshall through it! Maybe Tuesday? If i’ve another artist wanting to pair with voice chat it could be a good motivation. Mau, or Catriana , or both?

To cheer me up after this week bloody pages. Luna did these:

Alright, random crazy for Kern, who is obviously drawing too much gore lately, he needs to regain positive energy!
What is good for positive energy? Baby waiting happy couples! But what if (they go to Jaal baby center, no refund, dont ask about the donors) Ariel gets preggy, she starts to gather weight, eat cakes, and Faen gets all hyper protective bear? Like whoever tries to get close to her two precious she rwars. Small and fierce.
Second is a fun ship. QuainxSabbror. Its not a real thing but admit its amusing!
I mentioned Quain somehow doesn’t look like herself, Kern said she is too small. So i corrected the sizes. Excuse me my queen. Now your male is in his right size. ˇ.ˇ

Obviously Sab was standing on a stepladder behind her and she kicked it out from beneath his feet. didn’t stop the smugness it seem.
Just a crazy crack ship that we entertain ourselves with. The what if of a day of passionate love while Sabbror is stuck with Quain’tana. Officialy he is busy “negociating” of course.


5 Responses to Preggy Ariel, Quain x Sabbror

  1. Disestablish says:

    Wait so if Sabrorr is all the way down there… Oh my.

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      In which case, he shouldn’t be telling her to smile – he’s going to have to make her smile. Get to work, Sab! Until she tells you that you can stop! >:=)>
      I was of course referring to foot massage. You knew that, didn’t you? And I’m sure that Disestablish was thinking about the same thing – those armoured boots must give Quain a set of corns and bunions sufficient to make the average chiropodist flee in terror! >:=)>

      • Disestablish says:

        Oh of course foot rubs!
        What else would there be to do to a lady down there?!
        Nothing I can think of!

  2. Pitdragon says:

    I’m still a firm dreamer of the second generation of that: Ariel x Nau. They will have the love their parents never had the chance to enjoy!

  3. Moatl says:

    For people who think that was too much gore on Drowtales lately: Drowtales meowbified. (go to mainarchive then and you will understand — found by myself just today ;) .