Lunareth give you what if Quain’tana wore a high fantasy armor. It get sabbror seal of approval though her cute belly is now in danger of stabbing petting.
Another pixel art, requested by Luna. It’s my most complicated one so far, though i’ll have to break on pixel art for a while to focus on the commission. For even if that above only took a hour, that one hour is really needed to make some progress. Damn you free time, where you are you! Oh right, writting. Tomorrow page actually took me 4 hours to write…
But let say i’d make another pixel art later this week, what should it be about? write your idea in a comment.


11 Responses to Lineage 2 Quain

  1. Disestablish says:

    A pixel of Kau huffing, pouting and yelling ‘I’m not short’ would be hilarious.

  2. Pariel says:

    Snadhya’s amused chuckle… or flat out laughing like Naga from slayers.

  3. Moatl says:

    Fight! in the name of love!


  4. The14th says:

    Quain looks like she is about to kill everybody in the room.

  5. Laurie (NerdyCanuck) says:

    Something with Zhor would make for fantastic pixel art.