Successful stream today.
Starting with the commission for Swedish kitsune of Kiel x Chrys. It’s not really an adult piece as they’re only cuddling, fully clothed.
Giveaway for Sarai.
Baldo’s concept art sketch, to be completed during the coming week.
Zala’ess concept art for chapter 47 by Lunareth.
Giveaway for Isiah cortez by lunareth. look at the blinking kitty!
Fat cat sleeping by Darkvolt
Giveaway for Catriana by Kite.
Giveaway for Dice warwick by Kite.
And kite great self portrait. So accurate!
Fanwork of Quain’tana by Kisame

That was a lot wasn’t it? See you next saturday!
3 stream, 3 artists, many artworks! Kite will tackle monday moonless age page, Luna does a concept art for Zala chapter 47. I will be doing Swedish kitsune sexy Kiel x Chrys followed by the sketch for Baldo’s concept art. Not only this but we’re giving away 3 requests today, yes 3, it’s a first. Whenever one of us reach the end of their personal stream we’ll throw a random number from 1 to 30 from which you can pick . The winner get to pass a request, be a chibi inked, sketch portrait or even, and this is new, a pixel art.
so you want to watch some art, chat or just hang out while you produce work of your own? then drop by our multistream.


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  1. GEM76 says:

    I want a chibi now