No news update yesterday as i took the afternoon off to work on a furniture instead of a commission. I was inspired and wanted it out of my head. The furniture itself is fine but the paint did not come out well in the end.
As a reminder, here is last year other furniture.
They came out behind, but then they were made out of used furnitures while this one was made from scratch. In the end i will likely make something digital, print it on vynil and just stick it on top of that new one. it’s that or repainting everything white to start over. Which doesn’t sound appealing at the moment.

Lunareth did these two pieces for Lordpanther. tiny chibi pixel owl angrily blinking.
And a cute Chiri showing her fiery heart.
The second page for the race story on daydream is up. Here’s a preview of Mau’s fine art:
She’s very good at the animal mounts


4 Responses to crafing, cupcake, owl and race

  1. LordPanther says:

    So happy with the Lunareth artwork, especially the little grumpy Striggdae. She really makes glad I decided to get a cameo.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Poor old Kiel… whatever other qualities turtles might have, they’re just not built for speed, and “slowly but surely” ain’t gonna win this race.

    Maybe it sounded better at the concept stage?

    Kiel’ndia: *paints racing stripes on her turtle, sings* I want to fly like a turtle, to the sea/ Fly like a turtle, let my princes carry me/ I’m gonna fly like a turtle, in the lead/ Oh, yeah, into pole position!/ -Pass the others, they won’t be that hard to beat/ Shoot to first place, before they find their feet/ Leave those losers, standing in the street/ Oh, the turtle solution! *does twirl, snaps fingers* ;-)


  3. Whizzard says:

    Next time you want to paint a table, the best way to do this is to use paper cutouts and spray paint.