With pink panty over i’m now tackling regular commissions.
starting with finishing Tsuris concept art. This one isn’t a cameo.
Next is the Kyorl world setting page for sarogo, Mako’s concept for Baldo. Kimono Chrys x Kiel for Swedish kitsune which would likely be good material for saturday’s stream. and Khora’s Xun concept art. These are the most urgent right now.

Also, hoot, plenty of owls in the pages i’m drawing. 5 out of 6 mimians cameo will show up together.

And Darkvolt giveaway from last saturday livestream was for Bast:
Dead or alive character. Bast is a big DOA fan.


14 Responses to Amala

  1. Tsuris says:

    Amala grew up real nice, thanks again Kern she came out wonderful

    also glad to see that Kharla approves of Jennifer tea party!

    • Sionyx says:

      Nice to see her grown up, but is the poor kid being raised Nidraa’chal? I’m a bit surprised to see her tainted, since her mother isn’t.

      • Tsuris says:

        I figured if she wanted to be a summoner, and a nether summoner at that, whoever taught her would have insisted that she be tainted to learn it

        • Sionyx says:

          That makes sense. Must’ve been an interesting conversation with Mom, given how the Vanir seem to view nether and tainting!

          • Tsuris says:

            Was really jarring to see her drawn with red eyes considering how used to seeing them blue I am XD Imagine it was worse for Grey

            Although maybe not if she doesn’t survive the current chapter! :D

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    There was an Amala who lived with her shoes,
    She had so many Jennies, but she knew what to do,
    She gave them all tea, without any cake,
    Briefed them all soundly and sent them to take… whatever action she’d assigned them.

    – Trad.


  3. Moatl says:

    I don’t get it, please help me understand:
    All her summons are named Jennifer, or is jennifer an other name for scorpio?

    • Tsuris says:

      She’s named all her summons Jennifer, because she is a super creative and not lazy at actually naming her family sort of person

      • Moatl says:

        Thank you.
        So she’s nearly as “creative” with names as the ancient Romans. Back then names like “Quintus”, “Sixtus”, “Septimius”,… (5th, 6th, 7th…) were common names. ^^°

  4. Solona says:

    Visapa approves in the choice of summon.

  5. partner555 says:

    A bit surprising to see Amala tainted, and a Nid on top of that.