Thanks to everyone who came to our new channel today! It was pretty lively.first piece is one of Lordpanther commission to commemorate 12 years of Daydream. It is a remake of the very first page i’ve ever drawn for it. The core an idea that begun this whole adventure that would support our projects for so many years. yes Daydream is adult material, it is frowned upon by some but i’m proud that it was successful enough to be complimentory to our other stories, able to stand on it’s own and gather new readers. Lordpanther may choose to continue with this remake and if he does, it’ll be entirely rewritten to replace the old story curently up on the site.
picture 2 is the unfinished concept art for tsuris. I,ll wrap it up monday.

Third is the giveaway , for Nerdycannuck this time. of her character using blood arts.

Kite work was to finish monday’s page so nothing to show for that side. And Darkvolt did the ink of the next we are feral page. but he also did.
Shovel power!

A new channel and the return of the Kite! 3 livestreams will be happening together on this one page today, from noon until the work is complete or we’re too exhausted to continue. Kite will be coloring monday’s page. I will be doing lordpanther and tsuris commissions. Darkvolt will be drawing the next we are feral pages. Click follow on our channels to enter a giveaway at the end of the stream, where if you win you get to ask us a free request. No login required to chat! Custom colors for your username but to follow you will need to register to picarto. So, want to see some art done, want to chat or just hangout? Then drop by!


2 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Pitdragon says:

    <3 Shovel Knight

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    It’s a spade! …And, interestingly enough, the spade suite in a deck of cards originally represented the warrior class, “spade” in this case originating from espads – a Spanish term for “knight” (cf. espada, Spanish for “sword”). And all of these words derive from the Latin spatha – a sword or blade.