Tomorrow at noon i will be livestreaming with Darkvolt on the new picarto channel. Click on the follow button if you want to be notified when the stream begin. perhaps Kite will even join us for a tristream. I heard that if we cross the streams the whole of existance as we know it will end. That or we just end up with a stronger stream. I will be doing the last of Lordpanther july commission; remake of daydream very first page from july 2002. And for the rest of the time that i’ll be concious : tsuris’ concept art. As before, people who follow our channel will be able to enter the giveaway and this time we can finally see the user profiles of those who follow!
This said, our sleep schedule is going to be 5hPM to midnight today. so there is a high chance i’ll get quite tired mid-afternoon tomorrow, make sure to bring some entertaining butt banter to keep me awake during the last stretch.

The last pink panty, thus completing the 3 months community project. hope everyone who participated had fun with gender bending result.
This particular one is for Lt anders, his old ptp character Maiq.

And a Kiel from blackmors:

Now if you excuse me, it is time to go lose conciousness.


2 Responses to Pink panty is complete

  1. Kiro Kiemi says:

    O-oh, Mine Supervisor!! Oh, my. Wow.