was acquired by google and in result they’ve closed With it our channels were closed ; mine, darkvolt’s, kite’s, Lunareth’s. They’re all gone, include any followers and archived videos. There was no warning, only rumors of the google acquisition. In the light of the events i did this page to explain the issue.
It was pretty painful. After all i’ve devoted nearly every saturday for 2 years on this. Sure the work done isn’t lost but that is still a major setback for the one social media experiment that i thought was succesful. I’ve had peak of 800 viewers while most of the time it stayed around 40-60 viewers. But even 40 is good, to me at least. Enough to keep conversation going all the time and get people involved. It’s my hope things can be salvaged. I expect i’ll be restarting with less than 20 viewers again. But we’ll see. Picarto stream for saturday, with Darkvolt most likely. Our livestream.php drowtales chat will be no more as Picarto doesn’t allow embed.
Youtube and ustream does offer embed, but both come with load of issues that in the end outweight picarto’s lack of embedding. Hope to see you there this saturday.

Thanks for the input on the local convention. With the encouragement i went ahead with the request.

Kalki and Chiri by Ponderingaimlessly


11 Responses to Justin tv closure

  1. SFI says:

    “Our livestream.php drowtales chat will be no more as Picarto doesn’t allow embed.”

    Does that mean no more chatting? :( Or do we have to hop over to Picarto for that?

  2. NerdyCanuck says:


    There might be a solution here for embedding Picarto. It’s certainly not at all ideal but with the right code massaging it might serve a similar purpose to actual embed code until Picarto is able to provide that:

    I haven’t monkeyed with it myself, but the code in the jsfiddle frame looks like it might be workable. It wouldn’t necessarily look very pretty but could get the job done…maybe.

  3. Sarai says:

    What about using Picarto with an IRC chat room? Ok, it might not be embedded, but you can get on IRC easy enough with free chat programs, or, plus opening a room is easy.

  4. hovertank says:

    You can still have the viewers use DT website chat with it’s authentication while having the stream in a separate browser window.
    Or any other system, like mentioned IRC.

  5. smokehammer says:

    While the lack of embedding might “annoy” some DTs fans who are used to being on this site to hang out, the good news is you may actually get some of the “lurking” viewers from Picarto to speak up and/or start reading DTs. AND since Picarto is pretty much geared towards artists streaming their work the audience, though smaller, might grow significantly faster.

  6. Farex says:

    Aww, that’s sad, hope you find an alternative solution.

    By the way, some of the other sites I frequent recommend Veetle as a new alternative to I hadn’t heard of it before, but since all the other alternatives you mentioned in your comic have drawbacks, maybe it’s something to look into?

  7. H'K'Maly says:

    * adding this page to list of links to provide anyone asking why I don’t move my data to “cloud” *