I was told on sunday that there is apparently a comic con being held in our city this october. First year kind of thing. Now we’re quite busy, we’ll already have nekocon in november , and there’s the whole ordeal with the house that’s coming to an end this november. Both will be events taking a lot of energy to overcome. But at the same time it’d be our chance to meet local people and network. No hotel needed as the place is only 15 minutes drive from here… I’ve been pondering the whole day on the merit of going to that convention, regardless that they have not accepted anything as of now. To your opinion, is there value in a small local convention?
Durlyn new relic hunter character as his previous died under the benevolent care of Rune the gm. Now Durlyn didn’t wait long to cast pheonix down and create his character but this meant he needed the picture right away. With my roster of commission full, that made it complicated. So i had to increase the price for this one, anyone who really need their picture asap will just be charged a rush fee. Not that i expect most people to need this, but at least it’ll be there.
Kite did Ariel going phantom arm with her hair. Probably inspired by a recent hair combing session!


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  1. Vilx- says:

    My 2¢: I’ve never been to a convention and I don’t know what the experience for you usually is. And I’ve no idea what “small local” means in a big city like Quebec. But it sounds like you’re quite likely to be one of the biggest webcomics there, and there will be only a small local population there. So there’s not going to be much chance of “selling Drowtales” (though who knows – maybe you get to become the center of attention!)

    So, what I would do in your place is – I’d go there, maybe even as an artist (get a stall and everything, if it’s not too much hassle), but focus less on the sales part and more on simply having fun and meeting people. It’s probably not worth spending lots of time, effort and nerves on it, but you could get fun times out of it. :)

    • Moatl says:

      Agreed: In Kern’s place I would give it at least a try. Since it’s »local« there are no additional costs for travelling and hotel – ok, travelling to the place won’t be for free.
      But, no chance to participate for me again, since I’m not able to swim across the great pond. ;(

    • Kern says:

      you are right about where the focus should go.

  2. SFI says:

    Or Ariel watching Hellsing OVA’s… Seras does that too there :P

      • H'K'Maly says:

        A vampire Seras Victoria near end of Hellsing lost arm in fight with another vampire … and replaced it with mass of chaotic black and orange shadow matter that usually manifests as a whip-like tendril.

  3. Dalvyserran says:

    There is a value in going to the local guys

    Tampa Comic Con used to be a small venue when I last visited it in 2011. Just a convention all and a game room. Now it’s growing massively every year with big names coming to it!

    I would go to just to network and meet other local folks, and set down some roots for later endeavors.

  4. Pariel says:

    Playing home is always nice. Moreover if it’s that near. Give it a try. At the very least it won’t leave people indifferent.

  5. Midevi says:

    Small cons can be a good place to meet others with similar interests, and in my own experience can be a relaxing time just to talk with people and make connections with others.

    • Kern says:

      Hope it can be relatively relaxing. Conventions are usualy a huge stress to overcome, when you’re standing on the other side. Must be why to us PAX with it’s 100k people is easy in comparaison to say a convention we attend as guest with 4000 people.

  6. NerdyCanuck says:

    I agree with the others – I think it would be a good idea to go and have some presence there. Local cons could become big with time and that could work to your advantage in the future.

    • Kern says:

      Did you go to any ontario cons?

      • NerdyCanuck says:

        Yup, a couple of times! I’ve been down in Toronto for Anime North before. That’s the closest con to where I live. (I’d love to head down for Fan eXpo sometime, as I hear that one’s quite fun!)

  7. junglefowl26 says:

    Oh, so a Sarghress soldier dies under a well known Sharen loving GM.

    Coincidence? I think NOT!

    :P (Tis all in good fun)

  8. Katrover says:

    Durlyn of Ishanta’s line is dead? O_o

    • Tsuris says:

      no, Cal’ree is, met the business end of a dragon’s foot to his throat

      Durlyn can’t be a raider though that would ruin the joke that is his career path