This was a productive 5 hours stream.
Sexy leader serie beldrobbaen edition for Lordpanther.
Pink panty demon princess sindas for sindas. That one is so dark that shading would be meaningless, making it a challenge to color. Still not sure about the result.

Cute Baef giveaway for Guilty carrion

Beautiful outfit for Nerdycannuck by Lunareth. See all the details? Forget it for cameos XD Too much work. But it’ll be great for 3d modeling.
Drider girl giveaway for Bliesje by Lunareth.

Epic mist whale by Darkvolt with Luna’s feral on top.
Now to get on with the pages.

Sexy Waes, a pink panty , outfit design and giveaway is on the livestream menu for today. If you want to watch, participate or just hang out, come by our chat room!


3 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. NerdyCanuck says:

    Gorgeous artwork & fun stream, as always!

    • Dalvyserran says:

      Very, very nice design for Savira

      • NerdyCanuck says:

        Luna deserves so many props for the design of that dress. I gave her a handful of outfit references, some color suggestions, and then she worked some magic or something. I am forever in awe of her talents in designing clothing. (That’s pretty much why I knew I’d go for a clothing design commission when I was perusing her services a while back.)

        I can picture Saviira looking at herself in a mirror very pleased at her pretty (and likely crazy expensive) dress. “I may not be Val but I can certainly look the part.”