Saturday livestream will be done in partnership with Lunareth at 2hPm east. I will be drawing the sexy leader series Beldrobbaen edition, followed by the last pink panty to be drawn live: sindas’ demon. Lunareth will be tackling pretty clothes design as she does best. For a Nal’sarkoth if i recall correctly so most likely a relic hunter player.

Today i finished Gem76’s pink panty. Once i deal with Sindas i’ll only have Njack one to do. That one is too graphic for livestreaming so it’ll be done during the upcoming week. Another thing keeping me busy sadly is bookkeeping ; there’s no avoiding it when you have a business. There’s hundred of transactions in the last 3 months that need to go in spreadsheet, calculating taxes , tallying up numbers… you get meaning. That’s bound to eat up some work time next week.

Artwork by Catriana of Zhor making the plane on Ariel’s back. Thanks Cat!

Regarding the last news post mention of a fourth world setting page. It is one about guardians, sponsored by Lordpanther. I guess that’s our chance to give Zhor a bit of backstory at the same time? We’ve only shown 3 guardians in the story so far.

Now time to catch some zzz before the sun rises.


5 Responses to Zair, Zhor and everything that goes with Z

  1. Disestablish says:

    Wait THREE Guardians?
    I have apparently not been understanding fully what guardians are it seems…