No pink panty today. I fell behind on the page yesterday and now trying to catch up. Still, i’ve 2 days of buffer so you won’t see this an interuption in the updates. Go crazy kalki, show that pretty smile.
sketchNew Canvas
Lunareth mustered enough strenght to attack me with this today.
sketchNew Canvas the revenge
I countered with this. It was a stalemate. But the war must continue.

Another thing from today is noticing that the we are feral vote poll had remained locked. I wrote an extra page for darkvolt to draw in the meantime that people are voting, cleared up a character list and found out that Luna’s ferret never got her concept art. From the depth of Darkvolt hard drive came this sketch.
And a textless version of the last page. Because mecha cat deserves it.


3 Responses to of cake and whale

  1. Synathra says:

    There’s a war now between the chibis of the tiny feets and the chibis of the club feets? *goes to find a large rock to hide behind* :P

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Pompedy pom pom pompedy pom pom pompedy pom pom pompedy pom… (Ride of the Valkyries with added whalesong)

    On one side is a viking windwhale and a warrior woman who probably loves the smell of fire foci in the morning. At this point, I’d say putting the flambĂ© on the opposition would be… a piece of cake. (ba dum tish!)