successful 7-8 hours stream though i forgot once again to announce it on social media. Preps everything, i just forget to click submit.
Result of today livestream. First is for Lordpanther, Mel feeding Faen sweets. Both in white , on top of the floor dragon baking them pancakes.

Second is the lineart of Madea & Rune pink panties. Jiaan genderbent. To be colored during the coming week.
Third is the giveaway , the winner was Alric who asked for Turgeis and Lunareth’s die’tra to be sparing. The lines doesn’t connect because this was drawn really fast. 15 minutes kind of thing. Takes longer to type this news update than doing the picture…
Giveaway from darkvolt to madea, because today is a very madea day and because when there is less than 15 people participating, your chances are really good to win.
Zhor by Darkvolt because he care to see Zhor lives. See the madness we’ve begun cat? XD speaking of cat.
Zhor riding Ariel and playing the plane. Because weee this is so weird , especialy with one arm XD There you go, zhor survivability is now through the roof!

As for Darkvolt main artwork today? it’s the we are feral page, which is now up!
On today’s menu is Lordpanther white ladies. And a pink panty lineart from one of the few remaining participant whose genderbent character has yet to be made. On the darkvolt side he will complete the next we are ferals page. Much kitties on today’s stream.
To hang out, chat, draw or sing for the elder gods return. Join us on the livestream’s chat.


3 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Moatl says:

    The cake is no lie, at least for Faen.
    Title: 2 Girls 1 Cup-cake.

  2. Midevi says:

    I wish I could start making it to these again, work and family situations though…

  3. NerdyCanuck says:

    It was a fun livestream, as always!

    I’m so thankful that my husband gives me the “day off” so that I can spend some time (here and there) to sit in on the Livestreams. He takes the brunt of the childcaring so that I can have some “me time”, which is something I don’t get a lot of during the week. It’s nice to have that time and spending some of it watching the Livestream has been delightful. I’m learning a lot by watching you (and Luna/Kite/Darkvolt) draw.