Saturday stream will be held at 1hPM. My partner this time will be Darkvolt who will likely do a lot of kitties. Me i’ll try to do 1 commission and one pink panty from the audience. If my hand let me this time. I admit as of now, my wrist still feel daily pain. However the joints inflammation of last saturday has lessened. there’s hope for these old hands.
Mau’s story for daydream is progressing. I had hope it would be ready for this week but it’s likely going to go online late sunday after all. Above you will see the majestic sight of Faen riding atop of a giant bear. it can only be a promise of greatness.
Synathra, owner of many beautiful posteriors, has made this portrait of Zhor, to increase his chances of survival.


3 Responses to Faen on a bear

  1. waffleferret says:

    Stop trying to let us down easy with the whole killing Zhor thing i’m getting scared!! :C

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Faen is now bear cavalry? Yup, their enemies are pretty much screwed. She’s going to go Old Testament on their asses! (i.e. 2 Kings 2:23-24)

    And Ariel went from thence into Felde: and as she was getting up from Snadhya’s dining table, there came forth Snadhya’s brat pack out of their rooms, and attacked her, and shouted unto her “cut up the wolf head, cut up the wolf head.”
    And she turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of SHARESS. And there came forth two she bears, one of which was Faen, and one of which was her mount, from out of the brats’ blind side, and did tear all three of them new ones.

    Faen: Here endeth the lesson, vels!