I just now completed the last page of the current event. It end with yet another huge 10000pixel page. If you’re wondering, two traditional pages stuck together would be 10200. I get up, work , and go sleep when it’s done with barely any time for commission, or other activies humans tend to do so. This has to change. I’ll reduce page size for a while. Which will also help Kite to deliver the updates with less delays.That chapter is long, sadly reducing page size will make it all the longer. As for daydream updates being delayed, i’m particulary sensitive to this issue. Blackmyst has skipped so many updates its being felt. It’s my hope that launching the new story by Mau will help alleviate that effect.
By the perfect Cocobeef, a rendition of the Dinner with a capital. Zhor expression and the location of Faen’s hand is very important.

Concept art for Distablish of his jieyen.

Hey first Zhor fanart! Guess i can’t kill him anymore. :p By Ssapra


15 Responses to Dinner

  1. Catriana says:

    Zhor is the one character I could never forgive you for killing. My heart would be broken forever. :p

  2. Disestablish says:

    Zhor was my favourite character as a mute spider. Now that he can talk I love him way too many times more. Kill him and I will be horrified.

  3. Sionyx says:

    Looks like Zhor’s stealing the Chase The Kids Off With My Cane from Kai’to for a bit. I LOVE his expression there.

    And I’d rather have a longer chapter and a sane, well-rested Kern than big pages.

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Is this how it works now? Popularity (fanart) = protection from mortality? I can hear Sandaur fans massing even now, ready to demand retroactive immunity for their favourite Illhar’dro guy. >:=)>

  5. Bliesje says:

    Well, if popularity equals survival, I fear I shall see Waes’soloth burn :'(

    Also, maybe you should take a week off to build a buffer, Kern? Surely that would also help?

    • CutieSquiggoth says:

      *cuddles Waes’soloth and gives her shiny new Nomex underwear*

      That lifestyle is definitely a problem Kern, and I agree: things have to change. Do what you need to do to stay sane, happy and healthy. We’ll still be here :)

    • Kern says:

      Already took that week off 2 week ago. Except we didn’t draw, it was a vacation.

  6. Katrover says:

    You were planning to kill him off?! Do that and I WILL stop reading! >:(

  7. Disestablish says:

    Everyone save Zhor!
    Start making more fanart of him!

  8. Guilty Carrion says:

    …glorious floor dragon. So majestic. So beautiful.