Thanks to Vilx for his encouragement to continue podcasting. I asked Kite what she felt would be a good topic and she arose one about immortality and how it affect Chel’el’sussoloth culture. It’s just me and Kite in this podcast, turned up to be a rather long and complicated topic to talk about. I’m sure there is a lot of things left uncovered.


2 Responses to Drowtales podcast : Immortality and how it affect culture

  1. Hamilkar says:

    Well, it was asked in this podcast to make comments, suggestions and to ask questions. So i will try to do so.

    Overall a good podcast. In all i found the effects of immortality on drow society interesting. The most interesting aspect for me, was the part about drow society in Chel’el’Sussoloth itself.

    But after i listened to your podcast i wondered how – given the political structure of the city – there could be peace for so long. What i mean is, if the city consist only (?) of independent city states, how do they regulate the borders and more important, who decides if there are any disputes between the near city states? For example if a person of one city part commit a criminal act in another.

    This also points to the question how the city states (in Chel) trade with another and trade functions as a whole. And how is the distribution of goods throughout Chel’el’Sussoloth managed. Are trade boycotts of one clan to the other often? Do some clan shut their borders for trade designated for another clan down? (Trade can be used – and has been often used – as a weapon!)

    How easy and common it is to simply get from one part of the city to another. Are there walls between the districts or simply order like this: street side is Sharen territory, the other is Sarghress territory.

    What i meant with this, is the question if there are any regulation and treaties between the clans for such things. If not i would think that war is always threatening to break out all the time. (over minor disputes)

    In short, i would be interested, in a further podcast about the society in Chel’el’Sussoloth and how the legal system is working or how things are looking in an absence of an legal system.

    I know a lot of sociological questions for a fantasy setting, but since i did not bring natural laws and topics of natural sciences into play i did not kill a single cat girl ^^

    Another question: In the podcast where history podcasts (of the real world ^^ ) of different time periods mentioned. Where can i get those, because i am very interested in history and I like to give them a shot. (After this i will try googeling for them too)

    I hope anyone can answer these questions for me
    Thanks in advance

  2. kern says:

    What i mentioned during the podcast is history “audiobook” , you can get them at if you pay for a subscription. Lots of good stuff.
    For history podcasts, i only know two decent ones and the second died a few months ago apparently. So that leave “Dan carlin hardcore history”. Their backcatalog is for pay but there is last 10 episodes are free.