Livestream is over for today, with one commission only complete due to hand pain on my side and a yawn invasion on Lunareth side, that can only be fended off with sleep.
codeartNew Canvas
Super cute chibi by Luna for Code
Chibi for Noire.

Main piece for today. The pink panty title graphic with Dietra and turgeis.

Today is lordpanther’s birthday! He requested a Rinoa ninja.

Today is pink panties all days for me with Alric, Lunareth, Dalvy and tsuris getting theirs. While Lunareth will perform a commission for tsuris too. Look like today is a very Tsuris day. Want to watch some arts done, chat, or just hang out? Then drop by our channels chat room. If you last till the end you can enter the giveaway.


One Response to Saturday stream

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    PP’d Die’tra looks so happy wielding that sausage… why does it feel like the severity of the butt-peril in the world has just increased sharply? Don’t those guys moving in on PinkPanties!Turgeis realise what danger they are in? Die’tra was dangerous enough with only a sword to threaten guys with! Now… they’d better pray for, er… Deliverance. >:=)>