Livestreaming will now resume after that 2 weeks hiatus due to the travel. Saturday 1hPM i will dual stream with Lunareth. She will do a drowtales beef commission while i will tackle 4, yes 4 , pink panties. Luna, alric, Tsuris, Dalvy. You are the target for tomorrow with the two first to be colored and the later two to be lineart only. If the stream end before 9hPM we’ll do another giveaway.

I’ve unfortunately not completed the concept art commission. But i’ve done these:
For tsukiko
and for Luna!
Their real selves that is. Because you know, they are ferret summoners in real life. I’ve been thinking making people into summoner might be a fun community project someday. What do you think?
There was actually a third as it is Lordpanther birthday but the giftart will have to wait till my eyesballs get some rest. Today has been a very long work day.


16 Responses to Ferrets

  1. Ikaika Kekai says:


    • Disestablish says:

      But no, the summoner idea sounds neat, I would be tempted to join in if it becomes a thing later.

  2. Synathra says:

    Ferret summoners?! You mean there are people who can actually get ferrets to come when they call them?? Scary… O.O

  3. MEK1724 says:

    I’m trying to set up a competition for a concept . (or something of around that value)
    However I have no access to the forum . So I need the help of someone who has access to the forum . I can compensate whoever does so for the effort they put in with a concept or something , however I might want to do several competitions so be aware that it might only be one for several competitions . Hopefully it won’t be too onerous a requirement if I do it in like a raffle system to cut down work, or organise entries on my own end . So if anyone is interested and wants to drop a note at my deviantart page , I would be very much obliged .

    • Khora2150/Laioken says:

      AnoP/Mek1724, I think you were given a final chance so you probably can do it yourself. Though it is probably best if you ask Kern before you go make a competition. Something to keep in mind.

  4. smokehammer says:

    Would we be sending pictures and descriptions to be turned into Chibies, or would it just be based off of your views of us? Because seeing how you think of us as chibi minions might be more fun.

    • Disestablish says:

      His views of us?
      Then I am a 7ft tall beef of muscles with like… Flowing beautiful hair and a full amazing beard… TOTALLY not a scrawny white 20 year old barely able to grow anything but crappy blond facial hair and curled up rat’s nests. NOPE.

  5. Tsuris says:

    a community project where the community members are drawn as chibis with their pets would be pretty fun, I’d definitely join in on that

  6. waffleferret says:

    I totally approve of this ferret summoning ideal !!! :3

  7. Dalvyserran says:

    I own a dog and birds! Can’t choose which one to take on the cat empire!