The new daydream story by Mau is one centered around a race. Which mean; racing turtle for Kiel. I’ve already seen the sketch of the first page that’s likely to go up online early next week.

concept Geninidia jieyen
Concept art progress for Distablish’s Jie’yen. That one had been pending for 6 weeks. once it’s cleared up i’ll do Sarogo’s scripts.This saturday i’ll aim to wrap up the pink pantie as there’s 4 , both of which are in pair that i can think of. I may have missed one more, no worries i’ll be going through all the emails once these pairs are done to make sure.

Luna did more chibies! One for bast, Tsukiko, Cat and Kite. We’re all using them for our devianart galleries now.

And a quain’tana fanart by Kisame


3 Responses to new story, concept, chibi

  1. Disestablish says:

    He really can’t help himself at all no.

  2. MEK1724 says:

    The race theme kind of reminds me of that wacky races show .