There was one commission from june that took all the available time the week before we departed and even yet i couldn’t finish it. Took me another solid 6 hours today to finish it. Gem76’s next zair page. beware there is boobs and morning wood in there. Can’t put that one up on daydream so just don’t click on the thumbnail if either offends.

And speaking of Daydream. Seksia’s story is the new one on daydream with a very encouraging first round of voting. I hadn’t seen that much votes in a long time. The art is by Mary, who did the samurai story last year. This one came up as an experiment to see if going straight to pure smut would be taken positively. Well, it has.
But it’s not the only new daydream story. Mau is joining the team to start one of her own very soon! I’ve already seen her concept arts which i’ll likely shares some tomorrow. In between luna , me and Mau we’ve cooked up a story with more plot than the Seksia one , to keep things balanced.

Then there is we are ferals that reached it’s second chapter. Where those cats will need to work together to reach the moon. Because, cheese, what else? If the moon is made of yummy cheese it has to be eaten. Good luck on that.

There you go Distablish , concept art of your feral, sidekick of dovahcake. It’ll take me a while to catch up on that missed week.

And on that travel. Game collecting is my hobby outside of work so given the chance of getting things cheaper in the usa, i went on a bit of game hunting. If you’re curious you can look at the photo of the loots below. If i recall someone asked before to see the gaming room, which i will likely share later this summer once my sister, who is a photograph, comes to take good shots.















16 Responses to Zair’s morning wood, New daydream stories, feral’s cheese, game hunting

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    You have Gex 3? blegh the least of the three. I would give you my copy of Gex: Enter the Gecko if I could.
    But you also have CTR and the first Spyro (which I am missing ;_;). CTR is the greatest kart game, forget the Mario fanboys.

  2. Moatl says:

    The only game I ever played is »Kirby’s Dream Land« on Nintendo Gameboy. I loved that game and I still love jump & run games.
    The only game else I knew by name is »Sim City 2000«, and I didn’t know that they did a game based on »Ghost in the Shell«.

  3. Whizzard says:

    Oh man, looking at your games, I had several flashbacks. Road Rash, Haunting Ground (man, I got so pissed off when I had to run away for 10 minutes every 5 minutes), Tekken, Need For Speed…

    Man, and you have pure gold there as well such as, Planescape Torment or Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil 3 for Playstation.

    • Kern says:

      Planescape torment is pure gold. And that damn haunting ground took a year to find! It’s surprisingly rare.

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    – “I say, service! I appear to have broken this Zair, I’m afraid… could you fetch me another, or at least have this one fixed?”

    – “Certainly madam – we’ll repair Zair in a trice!”


  5. FoxFeather says:

    Ohh, legend of Dragoon! I’ve been replaying that one in the last few days, it was (and still is) the best game EVER. *thumb up seal of approval*