A great Mikilu cosplay by Blatisimo
It’s canon now, Mikilu like cats. Thanks for sharing your creation Blatisimo! It’s an honor.

Thanks you for the birthday artworks. I’m sorry i couldn’t take photos yet of what you sent us Tsukiko. I’ll aim to do so tomorrow.
Aerial bear raid by Lunareth. Sponsored by Lordpanther. Thank you the both of you.

Kiel x Nau’kheol by Lunareth. She had to do many boobs reduction to Kiel to keep them under control! The power of Luna is hard to keep contained.

One winged Kalki, sponsored by Lordpanther. I beleive the idea came up during the livestream of 2 weeks ago.

We’re working on the page for monday right now. expect a page by morning! And yes we’ve lost our saturday entirely to travel and exhaustion. We woke up on sunday and began working right away, kite finished coloring the page that was never finished, i did monday page, which is now coloring while i do tuesday page.


4 Responses to Mikilu, birthday, one winged kalki

  1. Mizu says:

    I think I’d feel safer in a room with Sephiroth then I would with Kalki, he would think it beneath him to murder me in person! :P

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Estuans interius pervers desidera,
    Snadhya’s kid!
    Snadhya’s kid!

    Mens immanis, et inanis.

    Veni veni venias,
    Ne me vinci facias!

    (Burning inside with perverse desires,
    Snadhya’s kid!
    Snadhya’s kid!

    Mind immense and pointless.

    Come come come on,
    Do not make me lose!)

    Parabear Faen: Buttfall attack! *whump* *harness disengage*

    One-Winged Kalki: OW!! Come back here, you little butt-wielding terrorist.. ack! Now I’m all tangled up in this parachute! *grrrrrrr* If the Jaals had got my other wing ready in time, this never would have happened! X-(


  3. Disestablish says:

    Eh, Kalki is more an unhinged spaz then a one winged angel.
    And hot dang that is some stellar cosplay.
    You did forget to put my new concept art by Darkvolt up though.
    Bad Kern.
    Very bad.
    Horrible really.

  4. H'K'Maly says:

    I’m totally expecting.