We’re leaving for a week vacation in about a hour, leaving us no time to finish today’s page coloring. But it’s up! And Zhor finally get to act. While we’d like to not leave our readers with a cliffhanger, sadly there,s no way around it. The plane tickets were brought a while ago so it’s now or never. Meanwhile we leave you with Lunareth taking charge of the archive for a week. She’s preparing 6 chibi parody to fill in, all of them about the current events. She promised not to cover the site with sexy and sarghress flags. But hey, we’ll see if she can control herself a whole week.

Also there’s a new daydream story that’s to go online today but the admin page is giving me some errors. Hopefully Valts will rectify this or upload it himself today.And I’m hoping to write the world setting pages commissions during my vacation.

No livestream on saturday or friday fanart… I hope there will be a livestream on the 12th if i can get some sleep after the return flight. That pretty much cover it. Thanks for the crazy reaction over this week updates, the activty was the highest in 13 years on the forum and facebook!
That’s it, see you next week!


12 Responses to Leaving the studio for a week

  1. Durlyn says:

    Enjoy your vacation Kite & Kern :D…BUT PLEASE HURRY BACK & SAVE ARIEL! ):

  2. Hfar says:

    Enjoy your vacation! Heavens only know you two need one after all the hard work you’ve done all year.

  3. MEK1724 says:

    Hope you have a good vacation .

  4. Whizzard says:

    Have a jolly good old time, Kern & Kite!

  5. thalar says:

    Safe travels, and have a great vacation! I hope you have a wonderful time :)

    • Pariel says:

      Don’t murder many chocolate desserts- please!. Think of the desserts! Have a good time!

  6. Dalvyserran says:

    Have fun! Looking forward to those world setting pages

  7. Synathra says:

    Have a wonderful holiday. Try not to feel pressured about doing a livestream right when you return. Get your sleep and don’t worry. Your readers aren’t going anywhere and we’d prefer a happy refreshed Kern and Kite over rushed and stressed ones. ;-) Have a great time!

  8. junglefowl26 says:

    Ah, no sexy Sarghress flags?

    Seriously though, have a wonderful trip!

  9. NerdyCanuck says:

    Enjoy your vacation!!!

  10. Moatl says:

    Have a save vacation!

    No wonder the forum will go wild, if you almost kill the heroine, Kern. ;)

  11. The14th says:

    You guys are freakin’ diabolical to leave on this page!