Only two work days left before we depart. I’m focusing on finishing gem’s big commission. He’s been waiting a long time. That and making Kalki go crazy…

Some amazing artworks by Lunareth for the community. 4 out of a set of 6 pairing based upon fairy tales
Riz and Kaito beauty and the beast. The twist is likely that Riz is the beast :P
Dietra and Turgeis for the little mermaid nagamaid.
Sayata and Sak’rag, from the frog princess.
and the center of my attention. Faen as the red riding hood, and Ariel as the big bag wolf. Cakes solves everything. This one goes on my wall. And is inspiring Kite to do a figurine again.

If you’ve ever been wondering what Kite’s point of view is when she is working. Wonder no more. She has a cat staring at her all day. It’s a fluffy, and cute. But mercyless. That cat will snatch the pen out of her hand and run away with it if she let it.

Chessria sketch i’ve made during the livestream was colored by Mooncrafter for Tsuris.

Work in progress Shinae demon by Pitdragon.


3 Responses to Little red riding hood with her cakes against the tall wolf

  1. 'Lement says:

    That Faen and Ariel one…

    Brillant idea. And the execution is cute as well.

    Neige must be distracting, though.

  2. Ikaika Kekai says:

    Reddish Locks (and Granddaughter: Purple Locks) And the 3 Bears/Cats. Sure we can find a 3rd Sul to round things out.

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    But I didn’t think that was how Little Red Sullisin Hood went. Doesn’t the Big (but not as big as Quain) Bad (ditto, very ditto) Wolf sneak into the Sullisin dome and eat Red Sullisin Hood’s grandmother first? And then doesn’t the Big Bad Wolf take on the grandmother’s appearance (using her morphing powers, natch) and lie in wait for Little Red Sullisin Hood…

    Faen: *knocks* Grandmother? May I come in?

    Ash’waren: No! Come back… after lunch! …oh, you vicious, vicious little wolf, not there! …Yes, after lunch – go visit Xy’tin or something… we – I will be presentable for you then- ooohh!

    Faen: *sigh* Oh, grandmother, what big appetites you have!