Struggling to keep up with the dinning scene pages over here . Too many characters that repeat across too many panels. I won’t be able to work on commissions this thursday to catch up.
Tsukiko’s adult pink panty is up on daydream
Artwork of Kaito by Pudding pack for Kite, that was sent during her birthday.
And two contribution to the forum madness by Oroche. Just to assure you, snadhya isn’t as tall as Ariel. Like for the hobbits , it’s all about angles :p


4 Responses to Taldrin , kaito

  1. HoneyBee says:

    Aye, all about angles indeed~

  2. 'Lement says:

    Thank you for reminding me that people are difficult to draw ^^;;

    No, that’s not quite right….

    Thank you for doing the difficult deed of drawing so many people.

    And thanks to Kite as well as for coloring, as the third image shows – I have no idea what makes for difficult work there, though, as opposed to with drawing people’s faces where I can well see exactly when and where I do not succeed thanks to advanced facial recognition in my brain.

  3. Kern says:

    Keep on drawing anyway Lement!

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Yes… I think I could imagine Snadhya doing that… and perhaps having a team of skilled earth adepts hiding in the wings…

    Ariel: There seems to be… a depression in the floor, that’s following me around somehow.

    Snadhya’rune: I’ve no idea what you are talking about, my dear.

    Mel’arnach: No… I can see it too. And are you wearing those-

    Snadhya’rune: Shh! And ix-nay on the atforms-play!

    Kalki: *finds heavy, spherical glass bauble and rolls it at Ariel’s feet* Heehee! It’s following you!

    Snadhya’rune: Not helping!

    Guard Captain (entering): Val Snadhya’rune! We found this one sneaking around… if sneaking could possibly be considered the right term…

    Tebs: Hiya, Ariel, Little Bear! … And what’s this pit that’s appeared out of nowhere with me in it? Is it a sunken bath or something? …I could probably use one.

    Kalki: Me too! Have the bath filled! *goggles* …so huge…

    Snadhya’rune: *glowers at the concealed earth adepts* …You are all fired!