No new commission to show today as i was inking a big one for gem76. It’ll need many more hours before it’s ready.
Meanwhile more pretty Luna arts.
riztoNew Canvas
Page from Khora and Luna for Kite and Cat.
and Mau’s storyboard of it. Perfect butt there.
Lunának storyboard
And pitdragon created Shinae in the new nintendo game. Those eyesbrows!


5 Responses to

  1. Pitdragon says:

    The grump lives on in those brows!

  2. SFI says:

    Damn, they’re breeding an army xD And all have their daddy’s color :P Save for the Surface-born ;)

    • H'K'Maly says:

      … five childs so close in age … is that even POSSIBLE for elf? Zala’ess?

      • Catriana says:

        SFi: Yes, they want to have as many children as possible.

        HK: Why does it matter? It will never be featured in the actual series, this is something for fun for us.

      • MEK1724 says:

        HK Maly : Mel had 3 kids over 15 years . Her eldest had just begun to speak here , , which in humans would coincide to 1 year for single words like “mama” and 3 years for sentences . Later then this and the child is “late” developmentally speaking (I think anyway) .
        I don’t know exactly how drow development works however generally multiplying by 2 gives their equivalent human age , or at least that’s what I was told . So Mels oldest should be 2-6 years old ( maybe Mel didn’t get particularly regular updates about her sons , or they were only counting sentences) . Given drow gestation lasts ~1 year , or it did in PTP at least , this implies that the time taken for Mel to get pregnant was < 1 year (or was basically instantaneous) . However Mel also had no children for 8 years before her eldest of the trio . So what was happening there (assuming drow fertility is continuous and Mel was trying to get pregnant all throught the time skip , consistently) ?

        Either she was not trying (either as often or at all , or Zhor was being used , who I belive was said to have bad rates of insemination) or Quain wasn't forcing .
        Stress and crappy conditions at the Sarghress was causing a high rate of miscarriage and infant mortality .
        Something fairly unlikely* (assuming the actual average time to impregnation for a drow women was 4 years) occurred
        Drow fertility occurs around decadal level cycles

        So I would say the answer is it's unlikely , or yes .

        "HK: Why does it matter? It will never be featured in the actual series, this is something for fun for us."
        From the perspective of you having fun , it's congruence to things (especially those elements which aren't elaborated at all in the worldsetting) doesn't matter at all .
        From the perspective that inquiring minds wish to know about things , it's supremely important for us to puzzle it out .

        * Assuming that the average time is 4 years (Mels average time to get pregnant with 3) and she was equally likely to get pregnant at any time over that period , this birth spacing would only have occured 1 in 256 times .