Thank you to everyone who left kind words for Kite. she was quite overwhelmed by all the messages on sunday. and the artworks too!
Pink panty for lordpanther that was drawn during last week livestream, finally colored. He is mourning the loss of his breast, as the character was the nursemaid in the sullissin dome. The other character is bast’s naga.

And on the topic of naga. Bast commissioned this from Blackmyst for Catriana and Kite’s birthday.

9 bloody goddes illhares XD
And Mary sent this artwork to commemorate their birthdays as well!

Finally Darkvolt completed a new concept art , Jan jan for Janike. Cute and tall fellow nursemaid. There was a mix up with this one and to apologize for this we’ll make her appear in the next start of the new chapter, which start with page 2 of this turn! Ferals readers get one epilogue page, then it’s the second challenge that starts.


2 Responses to Naga, Illharesses, feral

  1. SFI says:

    oh My, so much pretty art :3

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    More naga fun, and a serpentine solution to an age-old problem…

    – “That’s it, sweetie – you stop fidgeting and I’ll stop squeezing!”

    – “Of course, if it was one of my brood, I’d just give them a quick, paralysing bite, and they’d sit perfectly still after that!”

    – “Yeeesss, but you wouldn’t have to lug them home afterwards, or wait for them to come out of it.”

    – “True, true…”

    – “…Why can’t I just grow my hair like everyone else?!”

    – *sigh* “Here we go again…”