Result of today’s 7h30 livestream. First is for Bliesje. Waes pregnant with Naal’suul. Cute scene.
Second is Tsukiko pink panty, i had no time to color it.

Third is the giveaway. Lordpanther won that one and he chose for Ariel as a mimian owl glider, on the edge of a cliff , ready to jump off. His character is at the back, instructing. I’ve set the challenge of doing this picture in 10 minutes. Sadly, it took 12!. But it wa sfun to have a challenge regardless.


And of course my partner luna , who overcame terrible sleepyness did great. Snadhya business lady for pariel:
And her giveaway to Nerdycannuck. THOSE FEETS!
Giveaways are selected by random numbers.

It is delayed to 2hPm to allow Lunareth time to prepare.
On today’s menu:
-Pregnant Waes for Bliesje
-One pink panty from the audience. If it is an adult one then it’ll be ink only. Chibi will be colored
-One commission from a drowtales reader in Lunareth’s roster. She has 3 at the moment. Including Pariel’s snadhya in business suit and Njack’s threesome. Very wrong threesome.
-One sketch request per artist. To participate you must be following our channels and be present near the end of the stream. You get to choose the style too!
Plenty to do, and plenty to chat about! Come out hang out with us in the chatroom.


6 Responses to saturday dual stream

  1. NerdyCanuck says:

    It was a fun Livestream to watch! Thank you again, Luna, for an adorable chibi of Caelroth! Lookit dem feet! XD

  2. Alphabet Soup says:

    Waes does seem like the best mommy out of the ill’haresses. <3

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Ariel looks so cute as an owl, with her little owl claws. I wonder if Strigg’dae is hoping that this prospective flight will end in multiple telescoped fractures in both legs, bringing Ariel down to her height…

    Ariel: *assimilates feather wings and cape, grows beak, owl eyes, tail and perching claws, takes off with powerful wingbeats*

    Strigg’dae: *blinks* … See? Straight into the air on the first attempt! Can I train ’em or can I train ’em? ^V^

    Waes is certainly a yummy mummy – one of the “grow and glow” cohort… which leads me to wonder how Quain fared in pregnancy. And Ashie. Were they in the “sick as dogs” camp, or “no other effects”?

    Quain’tana: …and you can count on me to keep the Sharens out of those districts – with direct confrontation if need be. The Kyorls won’t interfere. *starts to rise* And, if there’s nothing else- huh, damn bump keeps getting in the way – I’ll get back to my fortress. Damn, this armour’s getting too tight again… Anyway – until next time, Devil Eyes! *strides off*

    Ash’waren (radiant antenatal glow): Until next time, my mercenary queen! *smiles beatifically*

    Quain’tana: *stomps out of audience chamber, turns corner*

    Ash’waren: *drops empathic illusion* Bucket! *urk* *BLOOOAGGGGH* *groan* When will this end?! *prods belly* The sooner you’re out of there, little madam, the better! You’re making it very hard to keep up appearances! X-P


  4. H'K'Maly says:

    Snadhya is in Paris? How vile! Using over 10 millions humans as meat shields! … would be worth it. Prepare the nuke.