Saturday stream will be at 1hPM east. My partner will be Lunareth and she’ll do one of her drowtales commission. On my side there’s a pregnant Waes commission to be done and plenty of pink panties. Again the pink panty will be selected from people who are there AND there will be two sketch giveaway. One from each of us. In my case you choose the style. Inked chibi, or full body sketch only like the last two. I apologize to Gem76 and Lordpanther for not having completed their commissions this week. The good news is that i’m not late for once, as it’s friday and 5 pages were done.
First fanart friday result is Luiiigi as Chocolaterebel, aka Kite suggested on tumblr. Now the reason why this one was chosen is merely because i was inspired. I had played Mario kart this week and Luigi death stare meme was stuck in my mind. To increase your chance of your idea being drawn, try including some more details as to what you see in your mind. Funny situation or interesting composition. Anything that’s fun. For exemple 3 people suggested Kosmos from Xenosaga, which is fine by me but i had no idea for it. Or Luna’s Kuma from Tekken, which is very bearful but an idea came to me only once i was well progressed with Luigi. A bear vs faen could have been fun. So thank you everyone who sent in ideas, i’ve read them all but can only draw one a week. Be there on tomorrow livestream for an about 1 on 20 chance to get one more of your idea drawn!


2 Responses to He who wield death

  1. Bliesje says:

    Didn’t I order post-pregnancy Waes with Chibi of her pregnant? XD

    But SQUEEEE, I can’t WAIT!!! *flails all over the place*

  2. Pitdragon says:

    I love Luigi Death Stare.