So it’s official. The weekly challenge may stop anytime. But for now, throw in your ideas. Any game, any character. I’ll pick among the ideas mid friday.

Luna and tried to wakes ourselves up with things that were inspiring us at the moment. Mine didn’t came out right. I’ve tried to paint it, then inked over, but the picture was downrezed by mistake. Resulting into quite the mess. Still, tainted Faen.
Meanwhile Luna has a great happy ending type scene for Die’tra and turgeis.


12 Responses to Fanart friday, tainted faen, saucage making

  1. LordPanther says:

    I’d love to see Harley Quinn and Catwoman from Arkham City.

  2. xenoanubis says:

    Kos-mos from xenosaga 3 mowing down enemies with chain guns

  3. Adachi_Ame says:

    OAo I hope that doesn’t happen I don’t think I could handle that.

  4. vernes says:

    Minecraft? It’s a game I’ve been playing quite often these days.

  5. Disestablish says:

    Corvo from Dishonored, in the middle of putting on his mask!

  6. Dalvyserran says:

    try your hand at a Blade & Soul outfit lol

  7. Whizzard says:

    Transistor’s Red vs Processed Sybil!

    I hope you do have played it by now…

    But if you haven’t played it, well, how bout a tribute to Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain?

  8. Greenwood Goat says:

    Faen: But… my heterochromia! Nobody will recognise me with both my eyes the same colour! :-(

    Die’tra certainly looks happy. Another possible name for a tavern owned by her: “The Likely Goose” – the likelihood being directly related to her assessment of a patron’s assets…

    Sign: In Sharess we trust – or Ada up front!

    Or am I assuming too much from the barrels in the background? Perhaps this is just her kitchen, and she’s just had – I don’t know – a month’s supply delivered? >:=)>

    So… any love for Aida from Unreal 2? She’s a master of tactics and strategy with a serpent tattoo arcing around her navel. When she gives a briefing, you really pay attention! Plus, I believe she’s pretty short, possibly eye-to-eye with Strigg’dae Kavahini… and birds of a feather gotta stick together!

    How about Wander from Shadow of the Colossus beating up a giant war-golem as its distraught owner looks on?

    I can’t seem to stop Ico from going the wrong way: Ico/Yorda/Queen become pre-timeskip Ariel/Faen/Quain or Kiel/Naal/Kharla or Shinae/Chrys/Zala or Shan/Chiri/Valla…

    And I suppose few would even dare mention Bridget from Guilty Gear

    Die’tra: Of course you can collect for your charity in my tavern, cute boy dressed as a nun! I’ll tell the bouncer to keep an eye on you…

    King from Art of Fighting: On it!


    • Alric says:

      A month’s supply sounds about right for those two. Tur’geis and Die’tra don’t really seem like the sort of people who’d settle down and run a tavern, at least not when there’s foes to slay and treasures to loot. A meadery, brewery, or vineyard would be just perfect for them though!

  9. thalar says:

    Faen makes a cute Nid :D