Today’s commission work was on Gem76 next comic page. It will likely take me 3 days to complete it. For now, have some cute Faen!
Her new outfit that’ll appear in tonight’s page. Designed by the fashion master Lunareth.
Adorable bear by Mau!
Because i’ve been playing Persona Q music non stop for a hour, trying to motivate myself to do the page. In the end i drew this as a warmup. It worked, though the music never truly left my head!


2 Responses to It’s a faen day, persona Q

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    That is a fine ballgown for Faen! It really shows her off! And that is a really cute beargown, too! >:=)>

  2. Pariel says:

    I wonder, what’s with the strap dresses and busty characters? Zala’ess surely started a trend…