Main picture drawn on today’s stream. Demon Sharess for Lordpanther, to be used as the next background for the daydream site.
second is the raffle sketch, Elif for Taruna.
third is Lordpanther’s pink panty of Xytin losing her precious mamaries. This one will be colored later this week.
Last is a very random angry cookie for Thalar as i was waiting for the details.

Mary and Luna sent two very good pictures today, but i’ll save them for the next news update on monday.

The Kite returns as my partner for today’s stream. I will be doing a Sharess artworks for Daydream followed by a pink panty from the audience and then end with a giveaway sketch. To win the free request simply be there at the end of the stream and follow our channels, it’s that simple. Meanwhile Kite will be doing today’s page.


One Response to Saturday stream

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Poor, poor Xy’tin. Happy, happy Ba’dal! Ba’dal uses lovesnuggle. It’s SUPER-EFFECTIVE! Xy’tin is cheered!

    Ash’waren: *ahem* PinkPanties!Xy’tin, I choose YOU! Oh yes yes definitely! :-3

    Thinking about it, if Ashie got her hands on some pink panties, the normal life of the Dome could be completely disrupted while she gender-flipped everyone, from the vals of the houses to the halmes in the kitchens and stables. And if the effect proved reversible (this is still unconfirmed, right?), she would hardly be able to resist sampling things from the other half’s perspective. So, that’s three unique and novel permutations that she would want to experience, with everyone of an acceptably comely aspect… and that’s before we get onto the combinations

    Ash’waren: And onto the other clans! Have you got those invitations ready yet? I can’t wait to see how Quainie turns out! ^u^