Dark souls will resume on twitch.tv/gaming_artist at 4hPM this friday. This time it will work hopefully. And on the topic of Dark souls, Rune requested this picture of her character as it is…her birthday!
Happy birthday to Rune, writer of Relic hunters and one of the community pillar!

Now a certain scene where Faen get all pretty is coming up. Lunareth drew some design of dresses for her :
I couldnsoPwetty
With Riz stealing a snuggle:

Sorry to Gem for not having done his commission today, i swear i’ll get to it asap!


7 Responses to Rune’s birthday, pretty Faen

  1. Tsuris says:

    Happy Birthday Runes!

  2. Pariel says:

    Happy belated birthday

  3. LordPanther says:

    Happy Birthday Runes

  4. Runes says:

    Thank you guys <33

  5. Disestablish says:

    Rune, like Bast, was not really born. They popped into existance in a cocoon of blankets, darkness and despair. Then Bast ate someone.

  6. SFI says:

    Bit late cause Time-zones, but Happy B-day Runes :3