Little owly one reaching for cookies. For Lordpanther. The painting style is not the new style for commissions, just something to practice on.

And Luna colored this adorable scene of Ninit teaching Faen to rawr. A difficult task, for Faen is more likely to giggles than to be fearsome.


7 Responses to A bearful of owly cookies

  1. SFI says:

    Aaaawwww, so much adorbsness today :3

    Can’t owlie just fly up there? Or look adorably at bigger owlies that they give her cookie? She has the cute look all worked out, me thinks :3

  2. Whizzard says:

    Your commission art style is beginning to resemble Kite’s :D

    All it’s lacking is the… umm… tastyness. Kite’s art work always looks like a dessert! Even more so if there’s dessert in it!

    • Kern says:

      That is because it’s her teaching me how to color in that style. Yes i agree kite’s arts at it’s best is like a cake, so tasty.

    • Disestablish says:

      Kern has stated, both in this post and in last week’s livestream, that this is not his new art style, just something he’s practicing.

  3. Kearnaun says:

    So, is Sillice’s owl brigade actually only moving on Felde to get their hands on Snadsy’s chocolate chip cookie stash?