We were talking about getting some custom icons to be used in the livestream chatroom. Would you like to use such a thing and if yes, after the Butt one is done, what other ones would you like? Butt is not negociable. Also is there any pixel artist you know that takes commission? Just a link ot their gallery and i’ll handle the rest.

Warm up sketch(second image) of Faen that turned up into a painting practice.(first image). I told my very squishable wife that my goal was to learn to paint if i could get a soft shaded greyscale picture done first, as a base and eventually move from there. Because that’s what i saw other artist do. She drew the cute Faen(third image) to show how her process work. Took me a hour but i got around to it which i hope will teach me something for the artworks to come.
Thank you being such a cute helpful wife Kite!

Finished one commission of naughty crazy in space age. however this is one commission set to private that i cannot share.

Finally, Darkvolt did this during the last stream that i forgot to repost :
Romance is in the air. Best shipping!


4 Responses to Chat icon, faen painting, naughty Crazy, Turtle shipping

  1. Disestablish says:

    All the Butt icons. All just assorted avatars of character’s butts. 24/7

  2. LordPanther says:

    For all your pixel needs.
    Crazy is looking especially nice today.

    • Kern says:

      i remember her! She never got back to me on the topic of commission when i contacted her in april. But i’ll give her a second try, thanks!

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Bear Faen is so cute, as always! >:=3> And, given her proclivities (and time) it seems that everyone is going to end up having a little bear behind! >:=D> In fact, it ought to be possible to do an optional add-on butt-glomping Faen sprite to embellish people’s icons with… I’m sure Faen would approve.

    Faen: Yes… Oh my Sharess, yes… Thank you for showing me this aware-web thing, Kiel! Can… we make a list of all these people, so I can… greet them personally?

    Kiel’ndia: Sure, just let me finish updating my prince/ess list, and I’ll crank up the data miner!