Livestream is a success. Thanks to everyone who came.
The page uploader script is not working at the moment so the adult pink panty is going here. If you don’t like naked men , just don’t click on the blond guy in front of a mirror picture.
First is for Guilty Carrion. his character genderbent , going shopping for all the pretty clothes she could find.

second is Athenaltena character, genderbent and enjoying the look at himself. so much so he is building fantasies in his mind of a hordes of women amazed at the size of his saucage.

third is the giveaway sketch for today. Sillice petting a sleepy cat. The winner was sleepyfruit.

Fourth is Die’tra in a hood. Because Lunareth was so angry over the hood in her own commission she swores her hatred for them!

Fifth is Lunareth’s own giveaway to Sarogo89, his character Abadella, eating a saucage.
Thank you to Lunareth for joining me on today’s stream.

From 2h30 till we’re out of energy. I will do 2 pink panties, one adult, one chibi from the audience. While Luna tackle a pillow fight between Auroradragonkya ‘s character and sorane. Sponsored by lordpanther. Followed by a sketch giveaway to audience member who follows our channels. I’ll be having an eye on new channels followers this time to greet anyone coming in!
Unlike yesterday there will not be sound issues as the arts streams are always done locally. Speaking of which, the game stream issue is resolved at one caviat : next time there won’t be a webcam. Dropping that feature will enable to have hardware acceleration , making the stream a smoother experience. The canceled event will take place next friday at 4hPM.

Also, cat in a dress.
It’s a thing. Kite drew it.
Also, kite still has one page to color for this week. expect a late saturday update!


10 Responses to Saturday dual stream

  1. Laurie (NerdyCanuck) says:

    Good luck to the people able to attend the stream today. Someone is going to be very lucky..! I hope I’m lucky also in my fishing endeavors! XD

  2. Roses Ablaze says:

    Aw, I’ll be at a friend’s wedding. :(

  3. Disestablish says:

    I assume that when you say people who follow our channels, it means people that follow the livestream channel and not simply people who watch them from this site?

  4. Synathra says:

    Sarghress don’t have adorned mirrors, we only have plain ones. But when a naked man shows up it makes flowers bloom from the frame as if by mana arts! That’s how fine it is, baby! :-D