Canceled due to technical difficulties. Will try again next week.
Part 2 of the Dark souls play through will happen today, the 6th june at 6h30 East time on #gaming_artist

Last time we’ve rang the two bells, then rescued the pyromancer. We proved too weak for Sen fortress reptilian guard but today if we fetch elite knight armor, the drake sword and the doll in the asylum, i beleive we could get to fluffy Priscilla’s tail. We’ll succeed today’s session by giving it a hug!
The artwork took 2h30. I’ll make a video of it later.
I’ll install something to alert when someone follow the channel and tweak the video output to reduce the amount of dropped frames. However still no green screen.

as for today page, Kite hasn’t done coloring it. It just mean we’ll have a saturday update for the fifth update this week.


6 Responses to Dark souls part 2

  1. Whizzard says:

    Protip: use less armor (you move a lot faster even when blocking with a shield) and put a lot of soul levels into endurance. If you have 35+, you can block pretty much anything any boss can throw at you, even Sif’s spin attack.

    The alternative is learning to dodge. I’m better at that in Dark Souls 2 than I was in Dark Souls, so I have neglected the use of shield for pretty much all fights.

    • Kern says:

      no worries on blocking. The problem with sen fortress last time was damage output. 35 damages per strike was way too little to deal with the snakeling , especially on the bridge. With a drake sword or pyromancy to their faces it’ll be easier.

      • Whizzard says:

        Oh, I know what your problem is!

        Damage type. Sword deals slashing damage. The scaly lizards are resistant against that. Use spear or hammer type weapon, they are weak against those. I remember the spear being particularly effective.

      • CutieSquiggoth says:

        *hugs the cute snakeling and feeds her tasty TimTams*

  2. Sindas says:

    Ahhh, missed it this week. :(
    Had a family diner to attend.
    Next week then.