Late livestream but I’ve got the work done. And if any of the late comers were curious as to wheter i got my tax report in right before the midnight deadline : i have. 20 minutes before midnight!
First one is for Lordpanther, crossover with Kill la kill. Snadhya as Ragyo, and Kalki as Harime
second one is Nerdycannuck pink panty. Not much has changes in appearance but inside he feel a new interest in females

Darkvolt drew the fat cat mascot
And the concept of a Magical girl versus Shonen warrior community theme.
Livestream is at 3h40.
Lordpanther’s kill la kill artwork will be made as well as one pink panty from the audience.

As for yesterday’s dark souls stream, here is the making of the title card. It’s 6 minutes long only as it’s sped up quite a bit.


13 Responses to saturday stream

  1. theslowblitz says:

    Awesome Drowtales X Kill La Kill crossover! I love both of them!

  2. Moatl says:

    I’m waiting with tax filling until it’s nearly to late, too. ^^°
    In Germany, where I live, the electronic tax filling system is called “Magpie” (German »ELSTER« is a acronym for »Ellektronische Steuer-Erklärung« which means “electronic tax filling”)

  3. Mizukithepanda says:

    Man, I am loving that rainbow hair on Snadhya. It suits her so well.

    • Adachi_Ame says:

      Though I do have to say, I can’t picture Snad with Ragyo’s voice, you really can’t capture that part of her fabulous voice.

      • HoneyBee says:

        Yeah but in DT those creatures (Kalki and Snad) are the fittest to fill the role of those two (Ragyo and Nui). In terms of attitude and personality. Maybe a little too much that it’s creepy. XD

  4. NerdyCanuck says:

    Thanks again for a lovely pink panty, Kern! Male-Saviira chucked his books in favor of listening to Kyo’s music.

    Oh, and while I still haven’t found the proper term for what Male-Saviira is wearing, I do remember that the ref picture was a type of hanfu, of which there are some male variants. XD

  5. H'K'Maly says:

    Don’t magical girls usually have shorter skirts? … or is the man in pink supposed to be magical girl?

  6. Greenwood Goat says:

    And so another butt-fan was born. Soon, indeed, pink-pantied Synathra’s prophecy of universal butt-peril would come true, and no butts would be safe. Move over Black Suns, the Black Moons are coming, and the booty they want to grab isn’t gold or jewels!

    Valla’drielle: None will be safe? Not so. There will always be sanctuary in the bosom of Sharess… but I think we should start equipping our people with butt-armour made from rigid plates or spiked scalemail, just in case…

    • Synathra says:

      My cult is indeed expanding of late. First Saviira, and now we’ve added Nau’kheol to the ranks! Spread the word far and wide, no butts are safe! Protect your hineys!